Wisa’s wife fires Tinny for insulting her husband’s Family


Musician, Bellaa Tee, wife of ekikime hit maker, Wisa Greid has descended heavily on Ga rapper,Tinny for saying her husband (Wisa) lacks home training.
Wisa Greid and Tinny have not been the best of friends since the inception of Wisa’s career. They have been at eachother’s  throat and traded accusations of disrespect in times past.
Recently, it was alleged that award winning rapper, Tinny had contracted COVID-19, a rumour he denied vehemently.
However, Wisa took to his social media page to appeal for funds for Tinny alluding that his alleged COVID-19 status could be out of hunger.
This statement infuriated Tinny who in an interview stated that the act by Wisa was due to the lack of proper training by his parents.
In a rebuttal, the wife of Wisa Greid says these comments from Tinny were ignorant and uncalled for.
“I always say the comment that Tinny made was very ignorant. How can he talk about his family? He does a lot, i am sure, nobody says his Mom did this but it is just one of those, when i saw it, i was like i am not surprised. Maybe he just wanted to say something that will bother Wisa but he should have insulted him not his family”



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