Entertainment analyst Arnold Asamoah Baidoo has described a member of the communication team for the opposition party National Democratic Congress, Kenneth Kanor Opetoto as confused.

The description given Kenneth Kanor Opetoto was born out of his inconsistency in responding to questions hinging on political endorsement and the influence they have on the electorate in a conversation on Simply Showbiz with MzGee on TV3.

Prior to Mr. Opetoto’s submission, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo, said the National Democratic Congress seems to be lagging behind when it comes to endorsement songs unlike the New Patriotic Party who seem to have an appreciable number of celebrity endorsements over the years.

“Artistes have been very coy or reluctant to make songs or profess their love for the NDC, it’s been quite torrid especially for this year, take out Rex Omar, who else? But when you check the NPP side, a lot of artistes have been bold to come out and do a song for the NPP. But for the NDC, there has been some sort of struggle and it’s been like that for years.” Arnold opined after lauding new artiste Kojo Bee on his ‘Mahama Afa’ campaign track.

In response, Kenneth Kaino Oppetoto rubbished Arnold’s claims, indicating the campaign track “did not add anything to the votes”

“They can spend millions on artists to compose songs for them, but we have not paid musicians to compose songs for the party. We have a lot of people who would compose songs for the party, we had Shatta Wale last four years, it didn’t have any impact on our votes but as I said the most important thing is the message and the brand.” He explained.

The inconsistency in Kenneth’s submission and his inability to project his views on the topic, propelled Arnold to call him “a confused man”

“Big ups to Mr. Oppetoto but he is a confused man, very very confused. First of all, he misconstrued what I said earlier with regards to the numbers. If you see the number of artiste who have come together to do songs for the NPP, they are more than the NDC. That’s a fact so he has not got that fact right….If you are part of the communications team, big man, you should step up, it is very very important”.


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