You can’t Miss this! “Just Being Us” Premieres Tonight!

  • Today, Wednesday November 17,2021 at exactly 8pm, the Social media platforms of celebrated Ghanaian entertainment Aficionado, MzGee, will be on fire as she premieres the very first episode of “Just Being Us”!

Why “Just Being Us”
“Our lives only improve when we are willing to take chances and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves.”
These eternal words of Walter Anderson describes the entire rationale behind the show! In a world where most of what we see on TV, hear on radio and even on social media are make-believe and every fine detail is scripted to create suspense, enigma and sensation that will just drive in the numbers, there is an urgent need for a discussion that is raw and real, unrefined and unedited.
This is largely because many are fed-up with the garnished talks in which parties are not truly engaged but converse to fulfill a perceived social cordiality or avoid awkwardness.
This kind of talk isn’t driven by what we genuinely want to know but by mainstream models of what we should know. But its time to take down the charade and Just Be Us!
This show will pierce the veil, shatter the glass ceiling, break down the barriers and bring you that REAL conversation based on real life experience that you have been yearning for!
“Just being us” promises one thing: Conversations—diverse in topic, duration and relationship dynamic—which are raw, stripped of judgments, free from imposition of social norms AND emotionally risky!

This is Where to go to enjoy the Show👇🏿

Youtube: MzGee Ghana
Instagram: Iammzgee
Facebook: MzGee Gh


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