“You will die” – Wendy Shay Claps back at a fan on Facebook


Self-acclaimed Queen of Ghana music, Wendy Shay has cursed a fan for wanting her dead after she posted her picture on Facebook.

Wendy Shay posted a picture of herself and one of the leading actors in Ghana, James Gardiner in a photo studio where both were caught up in all smiles.

The fan named Christina Annan, upon seeing the picture likened the picture to that of a picture of Late Ebony and James Gardiner where both stars were in a similar posture accusing Wendy Shay of imitating Ebony which she said would only happen if Wendy Shay is dead.
You Wendy Shay you think you can be like ebony you cannot be like her unless you dead(die).” Christina Annan commented

Wendy Shay was not pleased with Christina’s comment and replied to her distasteful statement expressing her resentment for her insensitivity. The songstress cursed the fan and also wished her death.
“You will die” Wendy Shay replied.


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