You’re richer than me – Lydia Forson to social media ‘beggar’

Lydia Forson

Outspoken Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson has told off social media ‘beggars’.

The award winning actress in a post via her Twitter page said things are hard for her just as they are for everyone else.

According to her, the people who ask her for money on social media are somethings financially better than her.

“People of God, me that you’re begging for money, I’m also looking for money too waii. E hard give we all. Sometimes sef, you get more than me(sic),” she said in a tweet.

“I hardly speak on the donations I make, but this one over me. One time this guy sent me a DM asking for money for an exam he needed to take. I told him I could only pay for half because I’d just paid for another person’s medical expenses…,” she added in another tweet.


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