Yvonne Nelson, Victoria Lebene rain curses amidst dirty Twitter fight


Yvonne Nelson and Victoria Lebene have dragged each other on Twitter over a troll by a follower.

The feud which began after Eugene Osarfo-Nkansah aka Nkonkonsa, husband of Victoria Lebene shared a viral post of a fan trolling Yvonne on Twitter led to curses.

Yvonne Nelson who posted a Tweet “know your worth” unexpectedly incurred the wrath of a troll who questioned her for allegedly having a child with a married man.

The viral comment was retweeted by Eugene which fueled Yvonne’s anger.

In full rage, the mother of one wrote: “And to you Nkonkonsa, my tweet about knowing your worth bothers you??

“The dumb Charles in kokonsah’s post, you are CURSED for life! Mark my words! Never bring my baby(daughter) into anything negative! God punish you! I’ve given you all the publicity you want! Enjoy it.”

In an attempt to side with her husband, Victoria Lebene subtly asked Yvonne Nelson to be tolerant of people’s opinion ‘regardless of its sensitivity’ because she is an opinion leader.

She tweeted; “If we all decide to be Opinion leaders, then we should be ready to receive other opinion, regardless the sensitivity. People’s opinion cannot be controlled, that’s the sad part.”

Yvonne Nelson who fired back at Victoria, described her and her husband as ‘bunch of losers’.

She also said that she prays Victoria’s marriage lasts and no one disrespects her baby.

She tweeted;

“Bunch of losers! Y’all are pathetic. Someone is supporting her hubby for posting a diss, don’t worry. You’ll get pregnant/or is already pregnant, I pray you get treated with respect, and hope no one disrespects your baby. I pray your marriage lasts too.”

Yvonne was one of the many celebrities who attended lavish ceremony at the Rehab Beach, Labadi, Accra in June this year.


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